360 Degree Video Production

Virtual Web Productions is a 360 degree video production company offering customers high quality 360 degree video media solutions. Our 360 degree video production, cameras and live streaming create spherical video which can be viewed via the web, applications, social media and mobile devices. These work especially great for embedding onto websites. Unique to Virtual Web Productions is our ability and technique to execute the process in real time. As a result, we can deliver the product with great efficiency. We take pride in being an industry leader for this new, innovative way of delivering visual media to audiences worldwide. See what a 360 Tour Video can do for your business or website. 

So What Is 360 Degree Video

Have you noticed how various music artists are making interactive 360 degree  videos? For example, take the Black Eyed Peas – they have been known to use the 360 degree effect in their videos. As a result, this developing technology is becoming a more effective marketing strategy for business to communicate with their customers. This boom in 360 degree videos have resulted in companies like CNN recording 360 degree videos of the Haiti’s earthquake; Nimmo Bay Resorts and their 360 degree virtual helicopter ride. The amazing thing is that with  360 degree videos, you can actually employ multiple plots, story lines, and ideas where you allow users to control what they see. Your customers can pan around from left to right, up and down, in full 360 degrees! Pretty amazing technology!

 Check Our Tour Video Examples:

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4 Benefits Of Working With VWP for 360 Degree Videos

  1. We have a special 360º video production camera
  2. Our on-site Post production facility is equipped for 360º edit, custom stitching and grading
  3. Specialized marketing crew for optimal 360º video distribution
  4. Trained and experienced staff